Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Printing Buniboy

I've been experimenting with using my new silkscreen and thought the character from my book would be a good place to start. Two colours, black and red, onto white. I'd been told I could use a stencil with my screen, which I thought I'd start with rather than the photographic process which I couldn't do at home. It was not very successful, the stencil material seemed a bit thick, but I did manage a few recognisable prints. Then I thought I'd try using my stencil with spray paint, which worked much better, though he now has a pink jumper due to lack of red spray paint. So here is Buniboy - the illustrated version from the book, the screenprinted version, and the spray-paint


Annie said...

I think he's glorious. And I quite like the 'blurring' effect in #2.
So much so that I'd order a t-shirt if you'd let me!

therese orrocks said...

These are gorgeous !