Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bookseller orders

A few changes have been made to NZ Children's Books in Print in the last couple of years, to make it more bookseller-friendly. This is a great resource for schools and so recommended to booksellers who have a good school market to stock NZCBiP on their shelves. When I took over NZCBiP in 2005 there was advertising on both front and back covers. We've moved right away from this and in the 08 issue there are only publisher advertisements so you won't be selling a product that is promoting one of your competitors!

Booksellers should consider having a copy themselves just so they can talk knowledgeably with their customers about the books that are available, and then encouraging the schools and libraries to also have a copy so they can order to fill the gaps in their stock.

With numerous categories listed - from picture books to poetry (junior and senior), science books to resources for parents and teachers, it's pretty easy to track down a book to fill your needs. And with ISBN numbers, price and age recommendations it will be even easier to order or supply what is required.

Pricing for booksellers who buy more than 4 copies carries a 40% discount. Just email or post an order in and the books will be sent to you with an invoice.
Happy reading!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NZ Children's Books in Print 2008

New Zealand Children's Books in Print 2008 is available now

Keep up-to-date with information about books for children from birth to secondary school by New Zealand writers and illustrators.
  • Annotated listings
  • Books divided into easy-to-find categories
  • Five indexes - titles, authors, illustrators, translators and photographers
  • New Zealand awards for children's books
  • Publisher information
Recommended for libraries, schools, booksellers, authors, illustrators, designers and others interested in children's literature.

RRP $20.00
ISBN 978 0 473 14540 8

To order email
or post to Silvertone Ltd, PO Box 21 265, Henderson, Waitakere, Auckland